Pep Pipkin

Profile Updated: September 17, 2023
Residing In Panama City, FL USA
Spouse/Partner Mary Catherine
Occupation Retired, 2022. Navy Contract Support
Children Leigh, born 1983
Lindsey, born 1986
Chase, born 1990

Home is Panama City since 2005. Lost a lot of hair (two daughters), some of it gray (one young son), stayed married to Kak (she hasn't run me off) but comfortable with moving into the next phase. Boating, Writing, Photography, and finding new creative outlets. All good.

My alternate persona is Leelon Edwards, author. I have written and self-published two mystery novels using that pen name about Panama City and the Gulf Coast. "Brink Fishing" and "Bottom Feeders" are available on Amazon books. Book 3, "Shucked Up" will be out soon. The protaganist lives in St Andrews and the events take place in familiar locations like JMichaels, Uncle Ernies, and Schooners. Hope you'll take a look.

School Story

where's Pettit.... he and Carl are the only ones that still have those brain cells. Had a GREAT time at the 50th reunion. Old friends and some folks I haven't seen since the locker hall between the science wing and the band room.

Learned that I still love Jan, Karen, and several others but it's a mature love. Much simpler without the demands and dreams of procreation and a long life together. I still love several Teresa's, JoAnn's, Kay's and Carols but that also isn't based on wishes and wants, its more plutonic based on shared times, music, cars, and history. Those male friends know what I mean and I'm glad I don't have to compete against them anymore and happy to share a brotherly affection. I'm lucky to have those relationships and especially the one with Mary C for the last 45 years.

We're all in the same boat and now we can enjoy the Cruise. Let's hope there are many more sunsets, big hugs, boat drinks, and, as J Buffett said, a chance for "finding the right way home." Bubbles Up.

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Sep 20, 2023 at 3:29 PM

Shout out to Steve Isler and all those who made sure Tim Humphreys got to participate in our 50th. It's a good friend that turns friendship into an action and makes it happen.

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