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Chip Tillman

Chip Tillman

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01/29/13 10:27 PM #1    

Rudonna Osbolt (Osbolt)

There are so many good memories, taking dancing lessons at your house with my mom "Wanda" to get ready for the prom; water skiing in the bay, you picking me up from the doctor when I had my cast cut off on my leg and you wouldn't start the car until I showed you my hairy leg; getting stuck in a ditch and singing "Rock of Ages" thinking that would help us get out; playing spades and always cheating; wading in the shallow water in the bay and cutting my feet all up and then you doctoring them up; watching you play football; Margaret looking for you at our house and you running out the back door with Mickey Carr; watching 8mm movies in my living room; 4 wheeling in my dads jeep at Black Beacon; Mickey slinging us off the "board" in the bay and landing in the sand; shark fishing!; changing partners....hahahahaha; parties; the drive in; so worried about Ralph when he had his car accident; sitting in the front yard in the grass; showing you my room that I just painted and it was the ugliest blue ever!; going to the pizza place....what was the name of it?; My dad taking you, Ralph and David Bonds to St Vincent Island and Ralph yelling.....Homer! I caught me a whale!; ya'll chasing pigs on the beach at St Vincent; always laughing at Roxanne and the crazy/funny things she did and said; Going to the movies; cruising McDonald's and anywhere else we wanted to........Watching you and Ralph play in the Superdome at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans against Ohio; going to Tuscaloosa and watching you play football there and then going to a bonfire after the game.........I remember the last times that I saw you..........When dad died...........seeing you and Ralph at your house after a softball game..........seeing you in the hospital...........There are so many memories........good thing about memories......we have them can't take them away from us.

I could go on forever......I sure wish you were here to go to the 40th Reunion.........We will think of you, speak of you and talk and laugh about the "good ole times".      But we will see you again Chip...........we will see you again.............

03/02/13 10:08 PM #2    

Mike Harding

Sports article featuring Chip:,2355676




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